mystic and Mythology creatures #3

ესეც მისტიკური არსებების მესამე ნაწილი =))))))

Amarok is the name of a giant wolf in Seruit mythology. His form of broad wings and large-toothed and sharp. He is said to catch and devour a fool alone, enough to hunt at night. Unlike the real Wolves hunt anywhere, It is sometimes considered the same as waheela of cryptozoology.

In mythology Seruit from Labrador and Hudson Bay coast, which is Adlet monsters who drink blood. They are the children of a woman and a red dog. Five of the ten girls who had passed the dog to the emergence of the Competition European sea . Five children is impossible Adlet. The descendants of Adlet known as Erqigdlit.

In mythology Seruit, Akhlut is the spirit that has two forms of the dragon took the dog and wolf orca. This is a vicious creatures and dangerous animals. Tracks that can be recognized because they are a dragon wolf tracks leading to the ground and from the sea. often, they were seen walking into the sea / or to the land is considered catastrophic. dragon myth is not a lot of tracks associated with the myth that because they are real.

Bijuu Hokou is in the form of a tail like a dog with five. Each tail of this creature represents each and every elemental forces: Fire, Wind, Water, Land, and Lightning. It can cause tremendous damage when used. His ability is to use all elements and combine them. Each element can also lead to a disaster depends on the type. Hokou intend to destroy nature to get back the five elements. He suffered serious injury when he challenged both the Nekomata Kyuubi. Strangely enough, he is the god of illusion. Hokou live in a big tree that had a long life.

Hokou fight 4 times, 3 times a victory gained from Sokou, Raijū, and Nekomata which would later become his allies. Hokou defeat against Kyuubi, even if he was assisted by Nekomata, but Kyuubi was too strong for him. Hokou physical strength in rank 3 and the power chakra / stamina on his to-5 ranking.

sonade is a creature from Japanese mythology, shaped like a shark with horns on his head and has three tails and three fins, he was also able to control the water in accordance with her wishes. He was first discovered in the waters Yamagawa and live in the deep waters of western Japan. Every few months he would come out to the surface for air. When he did this he would create a storm and the waves in the surrounding waters, the ship will sink nearby and then used as food by Isonade. He also frequently attacked ships sailing in the ocean free.

Isonade has named samehada subordinates who live in the stomach and helps increase Isonade chakranya up to five times greater. Samehada food comes from food eaten remains Isonade.

In Japanese mythology the nine gods of war, Isonade, which has a symbolic element of water, had four match; two wins (against Kaku and Shukaku), one defeat (against Nekomata), and one escaped (as against Yamata No Orochi) . After the fight, a fisherman and brave warrior from Yokohama, Takuma Muramasa, approached samehada Isonade then sealed into a jar of magic tool for sealed shark in the water temple. As a result, Isonade can not use massive chakra, so do not endanger humans.

Rigor can also be read as “mujina” is a squirrel-shaped Bijuu. Kanjinya can also be read as Mujina, the name of a subspecies of the squirrel (Meles Meles Anaguma) in several places in Japan. He came from the altar of sacrifice on the outskirts of Nagoya. Kaku has seven tails, and the smallest among the Bijuu, though he is Bijuu terlicik and most “intruders” from the other nine Bijuu. Rigid hunt prey from the ground all the time. He was killed with erode / destroy the ground under its prey, making it fall right in the mouth which was wide open. On the ground, he can turn into anything, as long as he has clay. His body was blue.

In this war, Kaku fight 4 times, he won over Sokou, and 3 times away from Nekomata, Isonade, and Yamata no Orochi. Although never lost, but he escaped 3 times from 4 times a fight. Although the level of the chakra / stamina of his rank-3 (above Isonade and Nekomata), but he was more interested in escape than fight. Perhaps due to the low physical strength (ranked 7th). Clay storage hers was already known by the fighters and burned. Rigid and can not change shape and was defeated by the brave fighters Ikkyo Soujin, who sealed by means of force Kaku Time Altar of Earth to the seal in the temple of the earth.

Kyuubi Bijuu with a nine-tailed fox form and is the strongest among the Bijuu. The reason why he’s so powerful is simple: he has unlimited chakra, making it worthy of the name “King of Bijuu”. Its power comes from his fire seal. After fighting for 100 years with Yamata no Orochi, seal it becomes exhausted; but Kyuubi could stand and stood up. He was also shrewd and intelligent. In the world of Naruto, way of speaking is very sadistic and sarcastic. So did his behavior.

Somewhere, Kyuubi constantly killing people in his way to find who is awakened. Yamata no Orochi did not tell, who has been awakened, although it Yamata no Orochi himself had awakened. Kyuubi only 4 times and fought all winnings, which is against Nekomata and Hokou, Raijū, and Yamata no Orochi.

Garuda (Sanskrit: Garuda and Garula Pali) is one of the gods in the Hindu and Buddhist religions. He is an instrument Lord Vishnu, one of the Trimurti or the manifestation of God in Hinduism. Garuda described bodied gold, white-faced, red wings. Beak and wings like eagles, but his body like a human. Large size so as to prevent Japan also known matahari.Bangsa Garuda, which they called Karura. In Thailand called Pha recruited or recruited.

Garuda is a mythical bird, half-man half-bird, vehicle of Vishnu. He is the king of birds and is a descendant Kashyapa and Winata, one of Daksha’s daughter. He is the mortal enemy of the snake, a trait inherited from his mother, who had quarreled with his wife and fellow supervisor, namely Kadru, mother of the snake.

Garuda very light rays so that the gods thought him Agni (God of Fire) and admired him. Garuda is often described to have the head, wings, tail and snout hawk, and the body, hands and feet of a human being. White face, red wings, and his body golden.

He has a son named Sempati (Sampati) and his wife was Unnati or Vināyaka. According to the book of the Mahabharata, his parents gave him the freedom to prey on humans, but not the Brahmins. At one point, he swallowed a Brahmin and his wife. Then her throat burned, and then he spit again.

Garuda said Amrita never stole from the gods to release her from the clutches of Kadru. Then Indra knew and a great fight with him. Amrita can be retaken, but injuries and Indra his lightning (banyu) becomes corrupted.

Kinnara is heavenly beings form a half-bird half-human. They are good at playing musical instruments, such as Vina or Santol.

Kinnara woman called Kinnaris. Kinnaris intangible beauties from head to waist, but part of the body under the form of a swan. They are clever verse, playing musical instruments, and dancing. The mythology of Kinnara appeared in many Southeast Asian region, especially the Hindu majority have influence, such as Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Indonesia sometimes. In the temple of Borobudur, Indonesia, there are reliefs depicting Kinnara.

Makara in Hindu mythology, are creatures of the elephant-headed form of fish, as often described and inscribed in the temples in Indonesia, especially in Bali and Java. The Balinese call gajahmina, which literally means “elephant fish”. Makara sometimes described as being intangible and half goat half fish like Kaprikornus symbols of the zodiac. In the sacred books of Hindus, the makara is a creature that became the vehicle god Varuna and Goddess Ganga.

In Hindu mythology, Takshaka (Sanskrit: Takshaka) is one of the dragon, the son of the Goddess and Kashyapa Kadru. He lived in Nagaloka with his brothers the others, namely Wasuki, Ananta Bhoga, and others. In the Mahabharata, the Dragon is a dragon Takshaka kill King Parikesit.Naga Takshaka also appears in the mythology of Bali, should influence the Hindu mythology of India. Balinese mythology, Takshaka is a snake who lives in heaven. Not all of these snakes have a bad behavior.

Abarimon is the name of a legendary race of people native to the state of the same name. The people who have Abarimon feet back, but despite this disability can travel at incredible speed. They live side by side with wild animals and try to capture them failed because they were so barbaric.

They lived in a valley of Mount Imaus (now called the Himalayan Mountains). There are specific air quality, which means if he blew for the long term it will be impossible for another breath of air and people can not leave the life valley. Abarimon first person described by Pliny the Elder in his Natural History. The same is the story recounted by Aulus Gellius in Attic night.

Agogwe are like human beings and are so small, like a dwarf. Often found in East Africa.

Monster dragon legends come from Finnish in Sweden. This monster is the embodiment of evil. He is a snake-eating, causing the development of plague outbreaks in Europe. Many of them think he’s closely associated with Aitvaras and Lithuania.

This creature is a monster in the legends of Central America. Ape-like human face with long arms up to the tail. He is a very scary thing because it has all sorts of creepy, nails and sharp teeth. He also predators of human flesh. As a water creature, with his hands and his tail he can catch the fishermen or the people who were on the edge stayed. Sometimes he cry to attract attention, and when people came up to him, he was ambushed and eat it quickly.

Buraq is an animal that looks like a horse. Saiznya little less than a horse but larger than keldai. his rub like lightning. Step-jumps, as far as the eye can see distance. Buraq will lengthen his hind legs when he was climbing when the front legs will lengthen when he also declined. Wiggled his ears and legs are back to beginning Buraq nature. In addition to the beautiful apparently, there are wings on both pehanya. This wing is to help speed jumps.

სულ ეს იყო ჩვენი მისტიკური ჩუვაკები =)))) არა მამენტ რა სულ ეს იყო კიდე იმდენნი არიან მარა მაგათი ძებნის თავი აღარ მაქვს =)))) მთავარი დერსკი სასტავი აქ არის და კიდევ დანარჩენ ნაწილებში =)))))

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