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pirveliSeasons One

After losing their mother in a mysterious fire, the Winchesters go on a hunt for the thing that killed her, fighting evil along the way in this spook hunting road trip. Join them on the ‘hunt’ in the amazing first season of Supernatural.

orioSeasons Two

Just what lies in store for the Winchesters after their confrontation with their arch enemy, the demon? What new freinds/foes will they encounter as we head into season two?

samiseason three

The evil demon that has been the Winchesters’ nemesis for so long is dead, but the fight is far from over. With Sam back from beyond the grave, and Dean with only a year to live, can the spook-hunting brothers really fight the coming war a win?

867469Season  Four

Who says you can’t break out of Hell? Dean Winchester’s deal with the crossroads demon may have come to fruition, but sometimes you just can’t keep a good man down. Dean and Sam are back on the road again, back fighting demons and trying to discover more about the mysterious Lillith, and just who saved Dean…and why….

867468Season Five

Lucifer rises and walks on Earth, and its up to Sam, Dean and Castiel to stop him. It’s time for the apocalypse as the Winchesters fight in their greatest battle yet.

Season 1 – Trailer

Season 2 – Trailer

Season 3 – Trailer

Season 4 – Trailer

Season 5 – Trailer

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    Zalian miyvars mara mexuTE sezons guli ver davude


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    ვაბოდებ კი არა გადავაბოდებ ამ სერიალზე :>


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