dark poetry


Alone I sit on the top of a hill
Thinking of how my unlife has been
Of the pain and the sorrow I’ve seen
In the eyes of my victims before they
lay still.

Though a hunter in darkness I must be
The feelings of guilt always come back
When I sink my teeth in another
man’s neck
My conscience is the only light left in me.

All I want is to leave the shadows behind
And truly this time I will
For I no longer desire to kill
Thoughts of light are now on my mind.

I’m waiting for the sunrise today
On the lonely hill where I sit
And maybe, I’ll catch a glimpse of it
Before the wind blows my ashes away.


It was hot and cold
Sometimes new and always old
I am young as I was before
My soul had been sold
It was the trill
Of the devils skill
It’s the wound that won’t heal
And he always comes against my will
I am creature of the night
I always cause such a fright
And there is a legend about my bite
But with my race, it is alright
I am the vampire
And I never tire
My throat is consciously on fire
So is this what they all admire?

AUTHOR (Guiltyangel)


When the sky become dark
I come out from my coffin
In search of my new victim
Unholy passion… hot blood
on my mouth
Pointed teeth on your neck
I feel your soul inside me

I feel your enjoyment…
I feel you… in my veins…

When the light leaves the earth
I rise from my grave
Queen of the damned…
I love the blood
I cut the throat of innocent virgins!
For my thirst

She who loves the pain!
She who loves the suffering!
She who loves the lust!
She that want satisfy my thirst!
She who loves the blood!
She who loves the death!
She who loves the evil!


My wrists are over taken by scars
glass, razors, and scissors
cuts, slits, and carvings.
I feel my flesh rip apart, with this
simple yet complex object..
for a second, everything is erased…
no pain, no lies, no heavy load of life
I press it in harder, I push it in dipper
Blood, steadily and smoothly runs
out of my wound
I’m better, not ok, not fine,
I’m better..
the blood, my blood,
is simply beautiful
my own art carved with my
simple yet
complex object is beautiful
I am in love with this art
I am in love with this pain
I am in love with my crimson blood
I’ve an itch only my razor can
I have a dotted line only my scissors
can cut…
my pain, I control
my glass…my cut…my blood
my razor…my slit…my blood
my scissors…my carvings…
my blood…
I am the artist

this is my bloody art..


As I walk alone I can feel you there
People said to me
That you’ve got long black hair
You are the sorceress
I’ve seen your castle
Oh take me there
And hold your wand up high
A star of spectrum
A rainbow sky
Dancing around your grave
I’m glad you’re gone
Can your soul be saved
Go back to where you belong
You walk through the mountain side
Mysterious powers go passing by
A storm is coming near
A soft warm breeze blows through
the trees, You’re dead!


Her lip were red,
Her looks were free,
Her locks were yellow as gold:
Her skin was as white as leprosy,
The Night-Mare Life-In-Death was she,
Who thicks man’s blood with cold.
And now alone is she,
Her mother dead
Her father gone
Alone she in life and never grow old
For she is a Vampire Child.


Be my victim, be my everlasting lust
Let me torture you,
I’m your master of pain
Let me lick your blood from your
shivering skin
Let me show you fear like you’ve never
seen before
I need your tears
I drink your blood
I want your soul
I need your life
You give me everything I want
You give me everything I need
Your tears, your blood, your life,
your soul
I will rise again tonight
I take everything I can
I’m not afraid of killing you
I need your blood, I need your pain
For my resurrection.

AUTHOR (Blutengel lyric)


Dark is around me
All is wrapped from the fog
A sensation of an universal void
Like an omen of death and decay

The funeral bells are ringing…
In the churches
In this night without light
In this night without stars

From the grave I hear this voice
Satan arise… With his legion
Brings horror and death…
… In the kingdom of vampires

In the dark
Vexilla regis
Proundet inferni

The obscurity condemn the weaks
Total domination of evil
The vampire wants to live again
…And take the place of alive men!!!


Kiss me
(You don’t know what you’re asking)
Just once?
(Just once is right.)
(The kisses are scorching.)
Your lips are setting me on fire.
(The passion soars)
Don’t stop (I trail kisses down your neck.)
That feels good
(Looking for the right place)
(I found it!)
(You scream as my fangs sink
into your neck.)
So cold….
(I warned you.)


Metamophisis is changing my life,
no sex or love of a wife.
im a loner fucked with strife,
ima ask for blood and heres a knife.
slit the wrists, ignore the pain,
slit the throat and let it drain,
no matter who’s blood its all the same,
to me its life to you its a game.
my time to feed is your time to bleed,
your skin is soft your heart is the seed,
your life essence is all that i need.
follow me and i shall awaken thee.
a trickle of blood on your lip,
just a drop,
a little sip,
come with me on a crazed feeding trip,
and into your heart it will rip.
this craving i have is deep inside,
a craving nothing else satisfy’s.
its all there its all that i need,
its over there, its all around me,
some one better give it to me because,
I’m about to rip,
I’m about to go and take it without


And if they get me and the sun goes
down into the ground
And if they get me take this spike to
my heart and
And if they get me and the sun goes down
And if they get me take this spike and
You put the spike in my heart
And if the sun comes up will it tear the
skin right off our bones
And then as razor sharp white teeth rip
out our necks I saw you there
Someone get me to the doctor, someone
get me to a church
Where they can pump this venom gaping hole
And you must keep your soul like
a secret in your throat
And if they come and get me
What if you put the spike in my heart
And if they get me and the sun goes down
And if they get me take this spike and
Come on!
Can you take this spike?
Will it fill our hearts with thoughts
of endless
Night time sky?
Can you take this spike?
Will it wash away this jet black feeling?
And now the nightclub sets the stage for
this they come in pairs she said
We’ll shoot back holy water like cheap
whiskey they’re always there
Someone get me to the doctor, and
someone call the nurse
And someone buy me roses, and
someone burned the church
We’re hanging out with corpses, and
driving in this hearse
And someone save my soul tonight,
please save my soul
Can you take this spike?
Will it fill our hearts with thoughts
of endless
Night time sky?
Can you take this spike?
Will it wash away this jet black now?
Let’s go! Come on!
And as these days watch over time,
and as these days watch over time
And as these days watch over us tonight
I’ll never let them, I’ll never let them
I’ll never let them hurt you not tonight
I’ll never let them, I can’t forget them
I’ll never let them hurt you, I promise
Struck down, before our prime
Before, you got off the floor
Can you stake my heart? Can you stake
my heart?
Can you stake my heart? Can you stake
my heart?
And these thoughts of endless night
Bring us back into the light
And this venom from my heart
Can you stake me before the sun goes down?
And as always, innocent like roller coasters.
Fatality is like ghosts in snow and you have
no idea what you’re up against
Because I’ve seen what they look like.
Becoming perfect as if they were sterling
silver chainsaws going cascading…


V enomous bites are quick to endure.
A mazing hunting skills in the dark.
M enacing fangs long and sharp.
P ircing your throght.
I mortality is now in yuor grasp.
R eplacing your soul is a demon instead.
E njoying the blood to the very last drop.


Nothing else matters anymore,
It’s all about the one.
The one thing that gives life,
Or can even take it away.
Tasting and craving it,
Wanting and needing it.
Every vein in my body
Tells me to find it, drink it.
I listen to it,
Dreaming of the taste.
There, now, the prey comes,
Startled by my presence.
A smile, a polite apology.
A smile in reply, a quick movement.
It’s in my mouth now,
Flowing down my throat in
Pure ecstasy.
Nothing else matters,
The body falling to the ground.
Now that I have it,
I am alive again …


A single line of blood
comes down from your wrists,
feeling the pleasure
from a razor blade kiss

slowly pouring out
your pain goes away
your mind wonders
but your body must stay

eyes roll back in your head
your lips get cold
death is almost apon us
so you were told

the faint chill of the air
cant quiet compare to this
the final joy tou feel
from a razor blades kiss


Here the weak are prey.
Here is where the hunters are kings,
Here the weak are slaves.
Here is where the hunters “live”,
Here the weak are allowed to stay.
Here is where the weak are prey,
Here the Humans are weak and prey.
Here is where the hunters reign supreme,
Here the hunters are everything,
Here the Vampires are everything.
Here is where the Vampires hunt,
Here the humans are prey,
And this my friend, is how things are,
Here in this place,
Hidden from view,
The path subtly marked,
By Black Roses in bloom…

AUTHOR (Amelia Atwater-Rhodes)

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