Inverted Pentagram Symbolizes the morning star, a name Satan has taken.   Used in witchcraft and occult rituals to conjure up evil spirits. Satanists use it 2 points up and pagans use it one point up. Any way it is used symbolizes evil. It matters not if two points are up or one. It matters not if it has a circle around it. It still is a symbol of Satan.

Baphomet Unique to Satanism. A demonic deity and symbolic of Satan. Can be seen as jewelry
It is also now being used by the masons. It can be seen on their buildings and the emblems the put on their vehicles to identify each other.

Pentagram Symbol used in Witchcraft. Represents the elements, earth, wind, fire and water with the spirit surrounding them.

Hexagram– It is one of the most   potent symbols used in the working of the powers of darkness. Used to work magic.

Swastika or Sun Wheel -An ancient religious symbol used long   before Hitler came to power. It was used in Buddhist inscriptions, Celtic   monuments and Greek coins. In sun god worship, it is supposed to   represent the sun’s course in the heaven

Ankh -Symbolizes fertility rites and the building up of lust within a   person. A spirit of Lust is the power of this union of male /female   representations. Also called the Long Life Seal.

Tau Cross –   Symbol of the god Mathras of the Persians and the   Aryans of India. To them, Mathras was an “angel of light” or the “heavenly   light”. It is used in modern Masonry under the symbol of the T square.

Italian Horn – Other names….Unicorn horn and Leprechaun staff. Introduced by the Lord Druids of Scotland and Ireland. It is associated   with good luck and good fortune. It is also used to ward off “Maluka” or the   “Evil Eye”. It also means satan will take care of your finances.

Upside Down Cross – Symbolizes mockery and rejection of Jesus. Necklaces are worn by many satanist’s. It can be seen on Rock singers and their album covers.

All seeing Eye – Believed to be the eye of Lucifer and those who   claim control of it have control of world finances. Used in divination.   Hexes, curses, psychic control and all corruption are worked through this   emblem. This one is a symbol of the Illuminati. Look at U.S. currency.

Goat Head – The horned goat, goat of mendes, Baphomet, god of the   witches, the scapegoat. It’s a Satanists way of mocking Jesus as the   “Lamb” who died for our sins.

Zodiac – Used in satanic and occult worship. Practitioners are   acknowledging their god as Baal or Lucifer. Horoscope signs are included

Cross of Nero – Or Peace sign. Another sign that mocks the cross of   Jesus. Also know as “The Dead Man Rune”. It appears on the tombstones of some of Hitler’s SS troops.

Yin-Yang – In Chinese philosophy, two great opposite principles or   forces on whose interplay everything depends. Yang is male, light and   positive, Yin is female , dark and negative.

Scarab Beetle – The dung beetle which is the Egyptian symbol of   reincarnation. It is also a symbol of of Beelzebub, Lord of the flies (satan). Worn by occultists to show that they have power and is a source of protection.

Satanic Cross – Upside down question mark that questions the Deity of God. Within the occult it is the representation of the three crown princes;   Satan, Belial and leviathan. Symbolizes complete power under Lucifer.

Satanic “S” – Represents a lightning bolt that means “Destroyer”.   In mythology, It   was the weapon of Zeus. Worn to have power over others. Also was worn   by the feared SS of Nazi Germany.

Star and Crescent – Represents the moon goddess Dianna and the “son of the morning”, the name of Lucifer in Isaiah 14:12.
Witchcraft uses it the way shown and Satanism turns it in the opposite direction.

Anarchy – Means to abolish all laws. In other words “do what thou wilt”   the law of Satanists. Used by Punk rockers and Heavy Metal followers.

Udjat – or all seeing eye.   one of few symbols referring to Lucifer (king of   hell), whom it is though will pass judgment. Below the eye is a tear   because he mourns for those outside his influence.

Horned God   Represents the horned god of witchcraft. Pan or Cernunnos. Note the thumb under the fingers and given by the right hand.

Horned Hand – The sign of recognition between those in the Occult. When pointed at someone   it is meant to place a curse. Note the thumb over the fingers and given by the left hand.

Witch Sign   or Moon Sign
Used to salute the rising moon. Also used by surfers and football teams

666 -The number of man. The mark of the Beast. Revelation

Church of Satan Founded by Anton LaVey in 1966.

Anti Justice   The roman symbol for justice was an axe upright. Being upside-down it represents anti justice or rebellion. Feminists use a double axe upright as a symbol of ancient matriarchy

Bad Company   Tied to the temple of Psychic Youth.

Black Mass Indicator     Indicates a black mass has or will take place. It mocks the catholic mass. Holy Items are defiled and the lords prayer is recited backwards.

Holy Earth   Symbol for mother earth. Also appears as a Hopi medicine wheel and Norse sun symbol.

Seal of the Left Hand Path   Indicates Black magic and the path to Satan.

Labyrinth   A maze design of bronze age Crete that symbolizes the path of initiation.

Spiral     Ancient Goddess symbol of universal pattern of growth in nature.   A variation with three lines was used by some to represent the number of the beast.. 666

Blood Ritual Symbol   Represents animal and human sacrifices.

Talisman or Amulet   Believed to have magical powers. Usually has a drawing or writing with the name or image of a deity.

Inverted Cross of Satanic Justice   If found carved in the chest of a victim, it means the person was a traitor.   The vertical line represents man’s presence. The horizontal line indicates eternity past and future. The arch represents the world and being inverted is mockery of God.

Sexual Ritual Symbol   Used to indicate the place and purpose.

Ritual Circle   Has different meanings to different groups. Protection from evil, symbolic of life cycles or completeness. Nine feet across with a smaller one inside and perhaps a pentagram drawn inside.

Sword of Power   May be seen upright or upside down with a drop of blood.   Used by some Satanists to represent light and darkness.

Thaumaturgic Triangle   Used for magical purposes in casting of spells and the summoning of demons. Found near ritual sites. believed to be the door through which the demon will be called.

Trident   Symbol of enforcement among occult groups. there are many variations.

Unincursive Hexagram   Designed by Aleister Crowley as the symbol of his Order of the Silver Star, Astrum Argentum or AA

Veve     Designs used in Voudoun to summon the various Loa or spirit deities. Symbol for Baron Samadi, Lord of the graveyard and death.

LEFT: The three esoteric “6”‘s separated.
Plainly displaying the interlocked “666”.


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6 Responses to Symbols

  1. tara ამბობს:

    why are half of the symbol’s missing??I would like to see them all and there meanings!


  2. Erick ამბობს:

    Is the Seal of the Left Hand Path complet or is there sum thing missing


  3. Robert ამბობს:

    I have a picture of some kind of symbol that showed up on my truck wheel a couple of years ago. Could you send me some contact info so that I could send it to you and you could check it out and tell me what you think. Thank You, Robert


  4. ჯანო ;) ამბობს:

    ვახ ზოგიერთი მართლა არ ვიცოდი. ყოჩაღ :*


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